The Road Home.

Spectacular wintry sunset, Sunday night.



Castle Howard at Christmas

Daylight is in short supply these days so on the way home from a drive in the Yorkshire Wolds we snuck into Castle Howard for a quick look round the Christmas shops in the courtyard. These are free – house and grounds extra.

The place was packed with produce and people. After fighting our way to the tills, we came away with a tasty flaky pastry sausage roll for an picnic in the car, plus a cricket ball sized cheese and bacon Scotch – or rather Yorkshire – egg. This was for when we arrived home,  hungry and glowing from the icy cold and raiding the fridge for an impromptu salad. Well worth a return visit in milder weather before Christmas.


Snow on the Wolds

We’ve barely moved in to our new home in Yorkshire, and it snowed on and off all day – yesterday. Today we headed to the hills wearing more layers than usual before the rising temps thawed the icy view. Lovely in the sun, freezing in the shade, of course.